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Preserving, Recovering, Examining and Presenting




Preserving, Retrieving

and Reporting




Identifying, Collecting

and Producing

Digital Forensics  The art of recovering evidence stored electronically. Whether it’s hidden online in a Cloud-based account, live or deleted on a computer, we leverage specialized forensic hardware and software tools with proven techniques, training and experience to recover the evidentiary data.


Leveraging specialized forensic hardware and software tools with proven techniques, training and experience,


Verity will:

  1. Secure the evidence adhering to a strict chain of custody.

  2. Acquire the data using imaging techniques to preserve the evidence while making a bit-for-bit copy for use in our examination.

  3. Examine the evidence using proven forensic hardware, software, tools and techniques.

  4. Report the results in a litigation-ready format.

  5. Support you should the case require expert witness testimony.

Mobile Forenscis  Smartphones, cell phones, tablets and GPS devices are continually collecting and storing information that could be critical to your case. According to comScore’s Digital Future in Focus 2015 report more than 75% of all “digital consumers” were using both desktop and mobile devices to access the internet. And with the explosion in wireless devices the trend is clearly towards mobile-only internet access. This means that electronic evidence is now in more places, more portable and more exposed than ever before.


Verity Digital Forensics has the training and cutting-edge tools to recover evidence from mobile devices. We are one of a select few private firms in the Mid-South using the Cellebrite UFED Touch solution for mobile forensics. This is the same tool used by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

eDiscovery  In addition to digital forensics we provide electronic discovery (e-Discovery) services to assist you in responding to requests for production in litigation. Working with counsel and the document review team we can help you quickly cull through vast amounts of electronically stored information (ESI) to identify relevant information and isolate privileged content. We have flexible production formats and electronic delivery options to ensure your timely response to requests for production.


Verity Digital Forensics uses an intuitive, scalable and cost effective data repository and online document review platform. We provide secure access to your document review team wherever they have an Internet connection.

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