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Digital Forensics in Business Law and Litigation Memphis

"It is an immutable law in business that

words are words,

explanations are explanations,

promises are promises

-but only performance is reality."

Harold S. Geneen, 1910-1997

eDiscovery Memphis

Your clients. Your trade secrets. Your intellectual property. Your data.


Violations of confidentiality, non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements can irreparably harm your business.


Good employees don’t always play by your rules, especially when your competition lures them and your proprietary data away. Your data is one of the most vital, portable and easily hidden organizational assets you have and getting it back requires an experienced partner.


Whether it’s your client data, trade secrets or work product we partner with you to identify what was taken, who took it and when. Working with inside and outside counsel we can help you get your data back and prevent your competitors from leveraging it against you.  

Fraud. Embezzlement. Theft.


Like wolves in sheep’s clothing, bad employees aren’t easy to spot making those that have access to your mission critical data especially dangerous. Eighty-five percent of the worst frauds are committed by employees and the average fraud scheme goes undetected for nearly two years! 


When you suspect an employee is raiding more than the supply cabinet we can help you preserve the evidence and identify fraudulent activities before it’s too late.

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