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Digital Forensics in Divorce and Custody Memphis


"Dissolution and custody matters are the great equalizers... everybody has the same issues. It doesn't matter how much money you have or how much power you have, you are always afraid you're never going to see your child."

Laura Wasser, Family Law Attorney

Computer Forensics Memphis

Separation and Divorce


“Trust me.” When you hear this from someone you’ve pledged your life to it may be time to consult an attorney – and then us. Working with your attorney we can leverage digital forensics to help you prove infidelity, protect your personal privacy, show dissipation of marital funds and locate hidden assets.

Child Custody


Divorce is hell on earth and nothing is more gut wrenching than the tug of war between spouses with one or more children caught in the middle.


Verity Digital Forensics can help ease this struggle by revealing the factual patterns of behavior of an unreasonable or unhealthy spouse. From mental and physical abuse, to illicit drug use or promiscuity around the minor children, we can help you recover electronic evidence and document an opposing party's poor choices and violations of Marital Dissolution Agreements or Permanent Parenting Plans in a way that gets the court's attention and brings your client relief. 


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