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Digital Forensics in Criminal Law Memphis

William Penn, 1644-1718

“In all debates, let truth be thy aim, not victory,

or an unjust interest.”

Objective. Confidential. Accurate.


Verity Digital Forensics provides expert consulting services to law enforcement departments, prosecutors or defense counsel in criminal matters. One of the most important roles we play in the criminal justice system is explaining the digital forensics aspects and implications of a case to the court, client or jury in a clear, understandable and precise way. In cases where digital technology is at issue this allows attorneys for the state and the defense to argue their cases more confidently and intelligibly to the triers of fact.


By way of some examples, we’ve recovered and presented evidence that has helped law enforcement departments investigate arson, counter claims of misconduct, and identify larceny suspects. Defense attorneys have depended on us to validate and explain state’s evidence to the accused and their families. And we’ve helped prosecutors ensure that the victim’s voice is not lost to the complexities of technology.


We only accept engagements in criminal matters directly from attorneys and law enforcement agencies and are bound to the strictest confidence, objectivity and commitment to accuracy.

Computer Forensics Memphis

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